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What topped the news in 2001?

To say that 2001 was a turbulent year for the IT industry would be an understatement.

Return of the dot-goners

With dot-coms deflated and technology r

Dot-com layoffs down slightly from April record

Layoffs from dot-coms are down slightly in May from April's record of more than 17,000 layoffs, but the total job cuts in just the first five months of this year add up to almost 60 percent more than in all of last year.

University offers dot-com degrees

The University of Liverpool is welcoming the technological age with open arms by introducing a new e-commerce...

Sun seeks comic relief during network slump

When the going gets tough, the tough change their slogans.

Pace of dot-com layoffs slows in March

Layoffs at dot-coms continued to slow in March, indicating that once-highflying Internet companies might have cut all...

Learning from the dead

Real innovation is messy, expensive and highly inefficient. Mostly, it just doesn't work. Sure, when a really...

Seeing the upside of a downturn

High-tech analysts look at the big picture of the economy and the stock market, and deliver predictions about the future of IT investment.

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