Articles Related to DDOS attacks

Researcher Uncover Dangerous Linux Netfilter Bug

Sophos threat researcher, Nick Gregory has uncovered a bug in Linux Netfilter. The bug allows an attacker to launch DDoS attacks and achieve kernel code execution on compromised devices

Microsoft Azure Successfully Defends Major DDoS Attack

Microsoft successfully defended a major DDoS attack again European Azure cloud users.

Ransomware roundup: Sept. 30 DDoS threat circulating

Reports say threats with deadline this week have been sent to a number of companies. Also a new bootlocker ransomware has been discovered

Worry more about small app layer DDoS attacks than huge network blasts, says Canadian vendor

In addition, gaps in processes and IT staff training can also contribute to taking longer than necessary to recover from service issues, company says

GitHUB systems working, but DDoS attack continues

GitHUB reports its systems are all operating at 100 per cent capacity, even though, the site is still under attack

5 must-read cloud stories for March 30

GitHUB is recovering from massive DDoS attacks, Amazon drops the price of its unlimited cloud storage plan and Microsoft and KPMG plan new SaaS offerings

Toronto, Ottawa police, SC Web sites shut down after attack

Attacker claims to have links with hacktivist group Anonymous

DDoS attacks threaten free speech, says report

Attacks hammer human rights and dissident media sites, which often don't have the resources to fend off take-downs

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