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Data hygiene tips for CIOs

Four data preparation tips before moving to the cloud from Alex Lovell-Troy, vice-president of transformation services at Pythian. Plus, how do you decide what...

Big Data Mistakes Every Company Must Avoid

Dealing with a large amount of data should never be treated as a trivial matter, whether you want to move it, analyze it, upload...

Microsoft SharePoint 2016: What you need to think about before about migrating

The latest on-premises version offers cloud-based benefits, but there are several key things to keep in mind when making the upgrade

Windows Server 2003 migration window getting smaller

Organizations dragging their feet on server OS migration could be placing their data and customers at considerable risk

Sun offers tools, services for open source storage

The company offers a "how-to" recipe for building an operating system storage server in 10 minutes or less, using performance management technologies such as ZFS, NFS, CIFS and COMSTAR

IBM plays Piper with EMC campaign

As part of a new campaign designed to steal market share away from storage vendor EMC Corp., IBM Corp. is arming 100 of its consultants and a handful of its channel partners with a new storage migration appliance, code-named Piper, that Big Blue claims will simplify and speed up the replacement of old storage arrays.

News Briefs

Wireless LANs based on the IEEE 802.11 standard are on a strong growth spurt, according to two...

SANgate migrates data

Startup SANgate Systems Inc. has announced the first of its data migration products, which migrate open systems and mainframe storage data from one vendor

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