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A hot market for blade servers

APC-MGE exec says the more blades you put in one rack, the more heat you get. Why some companies are moving to a hybrid data model

IBM plan aims to ease mainframe management

IBM Corp. is embarking on a five-year campaign to promote mainframe computers by making the systems easier to configure and operate, and to promote them as an alternative to server network computing.

Sun touts grid for Java app developers

Developers who need more computing resources to build their Java-based applications will one day be able to take advantage of a new developer grid Sun Microsystems Inc. is preparing.

Sun to auction time on its online grid

Sun Microsystems Inc. has pushed its grand vision a step further by announcing it will auction off time on its online computing power grid. This stepping up of its on-demand computing plans comes just a day after it announced its US$1-per-day grid computing scheme. Under that system, customers can buy additional computing power as and when they need it, rather than buying hardware to do it themselves.

vegas as a hotbed of innovation

You all have learned reliance, on the sacred teachings of science So I hope through life you never will decline, in spite of Philistine defiance To do what all good scientists do Experiment

Chip designers can access more power in Ottawa area

Ottawa-based GridWay Computing Corp. recently launched a utility-based service in an effort to provide silicon design companies with the extra computing power they might require during simulation testing and verification phases of chip design.


Hewlett-Packard Co. recently announced a program aimed at luring Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris operating system users to...

NSF helps fund grid computing project

The U.S. government-funded TeraGrid project has received the green light to move forward with another stage, one that calls for the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh to join the grid, which already links computer centers at four other research facilities and universities.

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