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“A Marine is a Marine is a Marine

Not only do Marines never leave anybody behind, they know that the Marine who files the paperwork is as important as the Marine who flies the helicopter is as important at the Marine who cooks the meals.

The price of thinking out loud

The CIO asked for a cup of coffee, and the IT group ended up buying a small South American nation

CW-05-01-Editorial-Phisher is caught in his scamming act

Boondocks is a great comic. In one of my favorite strips, Grandfather Truman, faced with another of the innumerable scams that his grandson tries to put over on the old man, says to the youngster,

vegas as a hotbed of innovation

You all have learned reliance, on the sacred teachings of science So I hope through life you never will decline, in spite of Philistine defiance To do what all good scientists do Experiment

A letter to software salespeople

The other day I was talking to an IT manager I work with and she was laughing about a meeting she

An industry badly in need of advice

Have you ever seen a junior guy screwing up in your shop? It

A list of things that bother me

I wonder why upgrading desktop software, instead of buying the whole damned thing new again, is such a pain.

The times they are a changing

I was talking to someone the other day who does security type audits for one of the big audit firms. She continues to be

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