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AMD studies data centre energy spikes

A study by the chipmaker says electricity used by servers in the United States and Europe currently comprise about two-thirds of the world's total, with Japan, Asia/Pacific and other countries making up the rest

VMWare, Oracle renew benchmark challenge

Virtualization technology vendor VMWare Inc. is taking on Oracle in a benchmarking challenge that started with the latter claiming its newly launched virtualization hypervisor is three times faster than VMWare's. Industry observers, however, say the rivalry isn't serious.

IBM releases energy gauge for mainframe users

A metering system works by monitoring a machines power and cooling statistics as collected by internal sensors. Find out what happens when an integrated facility for Linux is turned on

Virtual Iron launches Version 4

Virtual Iron has announced the latest version of its eponymous software product.

IT staff snoop on confidential user e-mails, study shows

IT staff routinely snoop on users, riffling through their e-mails and personal files, a newly released survey has found.

VMware hinders virtualization market, rival says

Virtualization software vendor Virtual Iron is looking to undercut established player VMware saying that the cost of VMware's software is hindering the virtualization market. VI hopes that its cheaper offerings will attract new users.

IT sabotage, work behaviour linked

Workers who sabotage corporate systems are almost always IT workers who exhibit specific negative office behaviour, according to recent research

Stratus unveils 3 non-stop Xeon servers

Stratus Technologies has announced three new ftServer V Series servers running its proprietary VOS operating system. The company said the new V Series 250, 300 and 500 servers boost the processing performance of previous generation products by up to 60 per cent.

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