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The greening of IT: It’s about results, not technology

Rather than looking at operating IT and telecommunication systems in a

Finding perspective amidst IT’s green agenda

In case you haven't heard, information technology is going "green" - or at least making the attempt. In a perfect world, we'd all be motivated to do our part, but a considerable amount of evidence suggests green is far from top-of-mind for many IT purchasers. In truth, many business and IT professionals couldn't care less about green.

Chief executive officer of technical and strategic consulting firm Convergent Strategies

A lack of political recognition and big business backing threatens to stunt the growth of Toronto's $35 billion information and communication technology (ICT) sector, according to a report.

Questions abound over “lawful access” bill

After three years of ongoing multi-sector consultations, the controversial lawful access bill was finally introduced last week in the House of Commons, but the opposition party doubts the bill will survive the current political power struggle.

University of Saskatchewan to encourage students to go wireless

The University of Saskatchewan and IBM Canada Ltd. announced in March that they have teamed up in hopes of leveraging the school

Trade liberalization requires e-APEC, ministers say

Fuller implementation of electronic commerce between members is necessary to drive open trade and economic cooperation, according to ministers of the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group.

IT transformed

It's Labor Day, so let's talk about the future of IT work. Maybe that doesn't sound like something with much of a future. These days, unemployment among IT people in the U.S. is right up there with the overall unemployment rate. There's lots of talk that corporate IT staffs will remain gutted even after the economy recovers. And as IT is squeezed until it's unable to do anything but the most basic janitorial functions

IT bolsters economic health

An enormous increase in IT capabilities and an even more substantial drop in the price of equipment has driven businesses to sink more money into information.

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