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Hashtag Trending Jun.28- Is immigration the secret to AI dominance?; Google addressing user frustrations from Reddit blackout; Windows updates you do not want to...

Is immigration the secret to AI dominance?  If so, is it Canada’s secret weapon?  Google tries to fix the damage done by Reddit’s moderator...

Collision 2022 panel discusses the very changing world of the supply chain

It’s a subject that has caused many sleepless nights for IT managers, the C-suite and logistics specialists for the last three years, and revolves...

A snapshot of Collision 2021

For the second year, the Collision conference had to pivot from a live event to a virtual one, welcoming 38,039 attendees from 141 countries to its proprietary online platform. Here are snippets from a few of the sessions that caught our attention.

Collision from Home 2020 at a glance

When it became apparent that COVID-19 would make it impossible to hold the live Collision 2020 conference, Web Summit chief executive officer Paddy Cosgrave and his team pivoted towards an online event. In a mere eight weeks, they produced a conferencing platform

Toronto’s Collision conference goes online due to coronavirus

Collision 2020, the 30,000-person tech event has been turned into a virtual-only conference due to a growing number of coronavirus cases in Toronto and around the world.

Microsoft announces $500,000 investment in Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation at Collision

Microsoft Corp. is furthering its efforts to combat environmental issues in partnership with the Leonard DiCaprio Foundation, as it announced a $500,000 USD investment...

Collision 2019: TD calls for banks to collaborate more with fintech startups on AI solutions

AI and machine learning have become a large part of the financial industry, and some within the industry are calling for banks to be...

Hashtag Trending – Collision in Toronto; Digital Charter; U.S. delays Huawei blacklisting

Thousands descend upon Toronto’s Collision technology conference, Canada announces its new Digital Charter to bolster privacy and security, and the U.S. says it will delay adding Huawei to a trade blacklist for 90 days.

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