Articles Related to cognitive computing

Microsoft announces several new Azure products for hybrid computing

REDMOND - Microsoft Corp. announced the release of several new Azure products Tuesday morning, including the Azure Data Box Edge, Azure Stack HCI Solutions,...

Bluewrist: Using edge-based AI to power tomorrow’s manufacturing plants [Ingenious winner]

Bluewrit's 3D scanning technology makes extremely process manufacturing processes possible to automate.

Convergence of the titans: Today’s top technologies meet in Toronto

What happens when the world's leading society for educational and scientific computing hosts the largest summit to date on today’s two hottest technologies? See...

Thomson Reuters investing in Toronto’s tech ecosystem with new R&D centre

Toronto is a hub for Canadian technology and innovation, and media company Thomson Reuters is betting big on the city.

Modernizing healthcare technology for today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities

Healthcare organizations are now grappling with the growing mandate for change by trying to leverage the data that can address affordability, accessibility and quality...

Using artificial intelligence to optimize the value of robotic process automation

For many enterprises, robotic process automation (RPA) has emerged as a best-fit alternate to make huge IT investments in order to make business processes...

Paging Dr. Watson

Only a short time ago, the biggest advances in medical technologies were laparoscopic surgeries and electronic record keeping. Fast forward to 2017 and cognitive...

OpenText taking on IBM Watson with new artificial intelligence platform

There is already a wide range of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms on the market for every size of business imaginable, but OpenText’s latest announcement hopes to stand out.

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