Articles Related to cognitive

Leveraging modern infrastructure to deliver cognitive, AI, and analytics capabilities

With all that computers are now capable of doing, it’s easy to forget that they’re not capable of thinking. However, they can now do...

Designing for enterprise automation

Robotics and process automation technologies are revolutionizing many aspects of knowledge work and changing how organizations view their operations. However, few firms are currently...

Mind vs. Machine: The future of cognitive computing in Canada

Machines have been aiding humans carry out mundane practices for decades, but do they have the capabilities to think like a human with the...

IBM Steps Up GPU Power for the Cloud

Facing competition from Google, IBM is focusing on developer developments around innovation in AI and cognitive computing tools

Why Canada lags behind in the cognitive computing race

Could cognitive computing change the way that we interact with our customers? Perhaps, but only if Canadians move to adopt it

IBM provides insight at its business analytics conference

IBM provided updates to its new initiatives at its business analytics conference on September 16th. The company focused primarily on its progress in such...

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