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No to SQL? Anti-database movement gains steam

But can enterprises take open-source alternatives Hadoop, Voldemort seriously?

Oracle, Cisco create protocol to speed 11g setup

The two vendors offer Reliable Datagram sockets to help meet the growing demands for faster processing in the data centre. A product line manager discusses how it jives with Infiniband

HPC lab faces enterprise-style management issues

The Tri-University Meson Facility (TRIUMF) is taking part in a project that could tell us a lot more about how the Earth was formed. The biggest challenge may be dealing with all the possible users

Interview with Rob Dowler, Ontario Ministry of Government Services

As corporate chief strategist with the Ontario Ministry of Government Services (MGS), Rob Dowler is responsible for developing government-wide IT strategies and policies. Dowler recently spoke with senior writer Lisa Williams about I&IT procurement within MGS; his take on open source software, Facebook and going back to school; and how he stays in shape with distance running.

Cluster computing rocks … when used to analyze them

Analyzing rocks may not be everybody's idea of a fascinating avocation. But such analysis can translate into huge practical benefits, especially in the area of seismology

How to identify high-impact future technologies

How does one identify high-impact technologies of the future? That's the million dollar question. In fact, the "right" answer can be worth far more than a million bucks. The challenge is finding it.

Old problems plague new cubicle

I had come to believe that the cubicle would go down memory lane with the same reputation as shackles did. But higher authorities on the matter figure the cubicle will be glamorous again before it makes an exit. Whether it is heading that way is debatable. But today the cubicle is like it always has been: small, cramped, dingy.

Storage by the cluster

Clustering provides massive throughput because of an increased port count that comes from cobbling many storage servers together into a single pool of disks and processors, all working on a similar task and all able to share the same data. Management functions are distributed across the storage server farm. To an application server, the farm looks like a single, block-level storage system. Storage capacity can be added without disrupting applications running on the cluster.

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