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COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLELast month, Intel CEO Paul Otellini stated, “We’re doing product refreshes every two years, which is the model we invented and...

Multi-core processors in the cards for 2007

As the calendar flips to 2007, we are firmly entrenched in the world of multicore processors. And, based upon the confidential road maps of both Intel and AMD, it is clear that dual-core CPUs are only the launching point for the future of the microprocessor.

ATI buy is AMD’s best stroke yet

AMD's CPU price cuts and its acquisition of ATI are not signs that the company is on a downward slide. The purchase of ATI may go down as one of AMD's most brilliant strokes yet.

Vendors to tackle interference with Bluetooth

A chip set and software that are due to be unveiled next month will aim to let Bluetooth wireless network products avoid interference from other devices that use the same radio spectrum.

Intel launches a suite of mobile processors

Intel Corp. launched 12 new mobile processors on Monday, ranging from its fastest mobile chip yet to the first .13 micron version of its entry-level mobile Celeron chip.

Intel introduces new chip set for Pentium 4

Intel Corp. announced yesterday the launch of its Intel 845 chip set for Pentium 4 processor-based PCs.

Hardware industry converges on Taipei

Wireless devices, a high-powered graphics chip set and the debut of the next generation of microprocessor manufacturing are expected to share the spotlight next week at Computex Taipei 2001, the annual convergence in Taiwan's capital of IT hardware vendors and buyers from around the world.

Intel 1-GHz mobile Pentium III

Intel launches 1-GHz mobile Pentium III

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