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US government intends to recycle tech goods

My dad has two old computers, a 21-inch CRT and a 15-inch LCD, a handful of old cell phones, and a few ancient digital cameras sitting around his office, taking up space and gathering dust. This year's holiday haul will eventually join the heap. He doesn't use these things anymore, but he's not quite sure what to do with them. Sound familiar? n Recycling time

Congress considered a new tack on recycling last year with a bill that would have given a tax incentive to companies and individuals for recycling their tech goods, while at the same time mandating an investigation into the possibility of a national recycling plan.

CES: Small storage devices hit a higher capacity

Small storage is getting big: Both Sony Corp.'s Memory Stick and Secure Digital cards hit 1GB of storage in versions unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. And Hitachi Ltd.'s Microdrive (formerly made by IBM Corp.) will jump to a whopping 4GB this fall.

Intel 1-GHz mobile Pentium III

Intel launches 1-GHz mobile Pentium III

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