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8 simple iPhone security tips

When you leave the store with your shiny new phone, you accept sole responsibility to protect your investment. It's not the manufacturer's or seller's job to keep your property safe. Here are eight uncommon things you can do to steer the odds in your favor


COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLELast month, Intel CEO Paul Otellini stated, “We’re doing product refreshes every two years, which is the model we invented and...

The Green Grid gets going

A non-profit consortium called The Green Grid has been formed to turn green intentions into the hard facts and formulas that underlie IT action plans. The Green Grid is taking a holistic approach that addresses all contributors to data centre power inefficiency

Virtualization – the good, the bad and the ugly

Virtualization is designed to render differences between systems irrelevant, but this is a good-news/bad-news arrangement.

ATI buy is AMD’s best stroke yet

AMD's CPU price cuts and its acquisition of ATI are not signs that the company is on a downward slide. The purchase of ATI may go down as one of AMD's most brilliant strokes yet.

Hosted virtualization awaits a hardware push

Apart from performance, a primary benefit of hardware acceleration for x86 virtualization is that it will be far easier for developers to work with than the torturous software-only approaches required for current x86 architectures. If you're looking at anything less than ESX Server's full enterprise solution, we recommend that you wait until AMD and Intel bake virtualization into their CPUs. When the hardware's ready, download a trial and see why we think 2006 will be the year of the virtual x86.

Getting to the bottom of AMD versus Intel

Pardon me if my writing

RIM, Good Technology get mobile e-mail rolling

To me, a mobile connection to the Internet means that my mail server hunts me down wherever I am and tosses my mail to me. Instead, I

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