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Editor’s Picks: Glacier’s super-cool tablet

A specially-designed heater allows a portable computer the ability to retain moisture when it's moved from a hot environment to a cold one. Plus, an iPhone rival from Samsung and Super Talent's solid-state drive

Intel launches 2.4GHz Mobile Pentium 4

Intel Corp. released several new processors and a new chipset for notebook computers Tuesday, making them immediately available in systems two days after Intel lowered prices on its Mobile Pentium 4 processors.

Intel cranks up budget PC chip to 766MHz

Intel Corp. rolled out two new Celeron processors Monday running at clockspeeds of 766MHz and 733MHz. At the same time, the chipmaker touted new market research showing that the company has regained lost ground in U.S. retail stores.

Compaq Deskpro EN PC

Compaq Computer Corp. has revamped its Deskpro EN PC line. The Deskpro EN line of corporate PCs...

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