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PrecribeIT announces agreement with Intrahealth Canada

PrescribeIT, Canada Health Infoway’s e-prescription service, announced it has reached an agreement with Intrahealth Canada Ltd. to add to its list of electronic medical record (EMR) vendors.

PrescribeIT could soon be nationwide e-prescription service

PrescribeIT appears to be well on its way to becoming the nationwide e-prescription service, after reaching agreements with 7 provinces and territories, in addition...

Canadians deserve a health care system that protects their data from misuse

By Dr. Rashaad Bhyat, Clinician Leader, Canada Health Infoway During a typical day at the clinic, patients share personal and sensitive information on ailments, afflictions...

There’s no silver bullet solution to solve the opioid crisis, but our health care system can make strides forward

By Tanya Achilles, Director, PrescribeIT Medication Services at Canada Health Infoway In 2016 alone, opioids were responsible for almost one in 13 deaths across the...

There’s a war for your data and health care is next

As Canada goes down the path towards digital health care solutions for its citizens, privacy must be a top priority, argues the chief privacy officer at Canada Health Infoway.

This could be the most powerful tool to improve healthcare

Canadians are eager to use their phones to manage their health, but they’d like to see more digital applications used in the health care...

Having end of life conversations shouldn’t be alien to Ontarians

A digital solution is needed to enhance Advanced Care Planning, the best tool that Ontarians have to ensure their end-of-life wishes are understood and respected.

Infoway releases RFP for electronic prescription service

Provider sought to design, build and operate national e-prescription service

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