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Hashtag Trending Dec 19 – California Energy Commission invests in EV charger; Google introduces end to end encryption to Gmail; Twitter reinstates suspended accounts

California Energy Commission invests billions of dollars in EV, Google to introduce end to end encryption to Gmail, Twitter reinstates suspended accounts.  That’s all the...

Take a tour of Box Inc.’s California headquarters

Check out some of the stuff going on in Box's headquarters, but be warned - the following images may lead to a serious case of workplace envy.

Hashtag Trending – Equifax hit again, Bitcoin passes the $5,000 mark

Equifax just can’t seem to learn its lesson, autonomous cars in California are a go, and Bitcoin smashes through the $5,000 mark.

California pushes green computing back on the agenda

California is leading the charge on computing energy regulations. The DoE is running to keep up. So where's Canada?

Next up: A traffic report by your cell phone

Rogers Wireless, Toronto's 680 News and Intellione roll out a system that turns traffic between handsets and towers into a picture of traffic on the roads

Vetoed data breach bill goes to Schwarzenegger again

Retailers argue amended data security bill sides with banks and credit unions.

Firefox 3 ‘Download Day’ cripples Mozilla site

The makers of Firefox 3 had hoped to attract a record number of early adopters for the latest addition of the upstart browser, but the servers couldn't handle it. The tech support team is on it

Checkout abandonment an online vendor pain: PayPal

U.S. shoppers surveyed by PayPal cite surprise costs and unavailability of preferred payment method as reasons for ditching the shopping cart at the online checkout

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