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As Canadians start travelling more, security risks increase

As people engage in more travel, both for personal reasons and work trips, in the coming months, travellers may face more cybersecurity risks. Check...

Travel tech for the busy exec

Remember when getting there was half the fun? Me neither. Business travel can be extremely tedious, and very annoying. But with the right tech,...

This just in: the government of Canada now has an eDeclaration app

Canadian business travellers frustrated by the ritual of fumbling for a pen to fill out their declaration cards one hour before their plane lands might be surprised to learn they have a paperless option.

Facing the laptop carry-on ban

American and UK regulations now demand passengers flying direct to their countries from certain airports stow laptops, tablets in luggage. Here's what business travellers can do

Taking a trip with your Android devices

One of the upsides of business travel is getting the chance to visit a lot of different places and see new things. But one...

Quick tips for easier business trips

IT managers and CIOs are often on the road at conferences and colocation sites, but getting from here to there isn't always pleasant. Keep these ideas in mind

Time For Videoconferencing

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 are likely to force many companies to rethink how they bring people together to work. In a climate such as this, videoconferencing needs to be re-evaluated as a collaboration tool.

Nokia WAP allows network traffic control

The need to constantly be in contact with the office, co-workers and customers is becoming a necessity...

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