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Choosing an MSP: Cymax Group case study

This is the last in a series of three articles sponsored by Ricoh looking at how different companies facing transformation evaluate their MSP options....

Getting ahead of 2020 trends – Outcome-driven strategy and adjacency opportunities

Ahead of her book launch, 'Duty of Care: An Executive Guide for Corporate Boards in the Digital Era', certified corporate director Alizabeth Calder is publishing...

What exactly is digital transformation anyways?

Co-Written by Edward Wilson-Smythe and David Kincaid Digital innovation is now a ubiquitous part of corporate strategy. From simplistic approaches to social, mobile, analytics and...

A CIOs ‘how to’ guide for business strategy

CIOs often feel too busy with running the day-to-day business to shape strategy, but it's crucial that they get in the habit.

In a troubled economy, an ICT strategy can be a positive force

David Crane discusses the way the pending federal budget could improve Canada's economic prospects by focusing on ICT spending.

Top CEOs and futurists on the future of financial services and technology

The world’s top CEOs participated in the Fintech Ideas Festival (FIF) held January 9,10 in San Francisco. They looked ten years into the future of technology, financial services, and fintech.

Managing in 3-D: Why bimodal is not enough

3-D isn't only available in movies. It's also a way of digital transformation. See this video from our recent Canadian CIO Innovation Summit to find out why

Should ERP customers consider third-party support?

A recent report from Gartner give some perspective on ERP maintenance and support. The report presents the topic from different angles including justification/the business case,...

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