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Alizabeth Calder is a senior technology strategist and a certified corporate director (ICD.D) Alizabeth is also a successful author. Her most recent project – Duty of Care; An Executive Guide for Corporate Boards in the Digital Era – is a much-needed guide for business leaders who need to close their digital knowledge gap in order to make the right decisions about digital technology investment and deployments. Alizabeth has been an active CIO since 1997. Her strategic accomplishments cross many industry sectors and demonstrate the practical value she brings to the digital conversation. As a CIO on demand and consultant, Alizabeth has delivered more than $1B in transformational investments.

Articles by Alizabeth Calder

Nobody’s satisfied with business performance against digital strategy!

The results of a recent IDC survey, Board Engagement in Digital Transformation (DX), on a scale of one to ten, directors, CEOs and digital leaders all rate their satisfaction with transformational results at a three. Further, 48 per cent of Directors are seeing little or no direct value contribution from DX leaders.  

Are we paying enough attention to geopolitical risks?

I had the opportunity recently at a CDM conference to lead finance and health sector CISO conversation about how the Huawei-like issues are impacting...

The Hidden Peril – Are boards and CEOs asking the right incident preparedness questions?

As technology leaders, we are all assuming the resiliency and operational integrity of our cloud-based services.

3 cool things I learned about data-driven transformation

I had the opportunity this week to attend a CDM Summit in Atlanta and sat in on one of the best-ever executive sessions on...

Becoming a tech-savvy director; Moving to the boardroom

According to Deloitte, tech-knowledgeable director representation on corporate boards went from 10 per cent in 2012 to 17 per cent five years later. High...

The middle years; Building the strength in your team

At a recent Art of Leadership event, broadcaster and anchor of ABC's Good Morning America, Robin Roberts, talked about the importance of finding your...

Boot camp; How to replace the up-front investments to deliver sustainable foundations

If you google “boot camp”, you get IBM. The reason is that IBM used to be the leader for bringing in smart young people and...

The critical first move; Coaching the young ones to find their joy

Our next cadre of recruits – known as Gen Z’ers – are very different than even the youngest of the millennial generation.  They have...

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