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The Business Leadership Podcast: Andrew Witkin President StickerYou

Andrew Witkin is an experienced entrepreneur, marketer and the founder and president of StickerYou, a successful e-commerce startup that was named the fastest-growing promotional...

DevOps fail: Avoid the most common business, technology and IT leadership mistakes

Many enterprises move ahead with a DevOps implementation without setting any key performance metrics once the funding is won. And that's just for starters

Rewarding sharing in the enterprise space

Winners of AceTech Ontario's 2015 Leadership Initiative Awards were recognized not for the size of their company but the expertise they are able to share

Redefining the business role of IT

IT has an opportunity to embrace the ongoing transformation and to show real leadership

Why you need big data ‘rock stars’

When Venugoppal Adooparambi, director of big data consulting firm Optum, was advising supermarket chain SuperValu Inc. on a data analysis system implementation among his...

CIOs as business leaders

A reputable CIO can lead the overall acquisition team or another business initiative. But before that can happen, his or her IT function must first be recognized not only in that company but in the broader vertical industry

IT depts will need the right skills to recover in 2010

Enterprise IT leaders planning for 2010 might find themselves coming up short on staff and the necessary high-tech skills needed to help their companies rebuild and drive business growth...

IT leaders take the easy way out when making cuts

Enterprise IT is quick to scrap hardware and infrastructure spending, but slow on the trigger when it comes to staffing and IT service cuts, an Info-Tech analyst says. Find out why IT decision makers should better scrutinize their in-house cost management priorities

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