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Build the architecture for mobile

The CIO at the University of Kentucky gets some advice from peers about creating an interactive mobile environment that will last

C-suite partnership for consumer success

The CEO and CIO of Campbell

Explain IT value to skeptics

CIOs from Community Living Toronto, Joliet Junior College and the University System of Georgia offer their advice on positioning the IT department within the enterprise

Raise your IT staff’s business smarts

The senior VP of IT at Eisai explains how he identified huge gaps among the employees at his firm's various divisions, and his personal approach to training and developing them toward outcomes

How to turn an IT system into an external product

Members of the CIO Executive Council offer strategic advice on commercializing internal technology, getting to know customers better and how to seek recurring value from IT investments

How to restart innovation

CIOs from Diversey, GS1 US and Cross Country Automotive Services share their insights around creating a culture that continually brainstorms new ideasrn

Tips for women, from women, on advancing in IT

At the request of the CIO Executive Council, female senior IT leaders collaborated to document their most important advice for women moving up the IT ladder. Try this download link

How to turn IT staff into business participants

It's one thing for IT leaders and staff to know the business, but it's another to play an active role in the process of planning and conducting that business. This is what has to happen if IT is to have a more strategic impact on the company and the bottom line, from the CIO on down

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