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When Two Hats are Better than One – Interview with Bobby Singh

Some leaders pay lip service to the notion of lifelong learning, opting instead to settle for what they already know. Bobby Singh was taught...

Huawei to focus on smart devices in Canada, forgoes phones for 2022

What product is Huawei looking to push in Canada?

How one Toronto tech startup is using AI to improve management systems

Toronto based Tealbook is being recognized with a venture capital investment for its use of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing the world of supplier...

The Business Leadership Podcast: Fatima Zaidi, VP Business Development at Eighty-Eight

Fatima Zaidi has been named to a Top 30 under 30 list for her long list of accomplishments as a skilled marketing and sales leader.

Force 10, Turin Networks merging

Henry Wasik of Turin will become president and CEO of the combined firm, which will carry the Force 10 name. How the companies fare in the 10 Gigabit Ethernet market

Peer 1 promises cheaper, easier SaaS for ISVs

The Vancouver-based infrastructure provider launches an incubation program that will give deep discounts on consulting services for companies moving to the on-demand model. An early adopter speaks up

Microsoft plans new software centres

Microsoft Corp. plans to create a network of 90 software development centres around the world to support programmers, it said last month. The initiative is designed partly to foster the creation of local software industries.

Facing personal challenges can help team-building process

When the employees at SaskPower heard that they had to spend a week doing a team building program, the initial reaction for many was one of dismay.

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