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What exactly is digital transformation anyways?

Co-Written by Edward Wilson-Smythe and David Kincaid Digital innovation is now a ubiquitous part of corporate strategy. From simplistic approaches to social, mobile, analytics and...

IT and business leaders agree more often than you might think: Report

Technology decisions made by business leaders, IT departments increasingly in sync, Dell finds

What does the IT department really do?

At some point in your career, you will need explain the services that are provided by the IT department to those granting next year's budget dollar, in...

Why security has to utilize the cloud and mobility

With only a credit card and the promise of business benefit (without IT involvement), today’s organizations are moving towards the cloud at a rapid...

IT’s island mentality has got to go

"No man is an island unto himself, every man is a part of the whole." - John Donne

10 lessons from EU CIOs of the Year and CIO CITY Summit

I am reporting live from the field having completed chairing the debate session with the EU CIOs of the Year winners at the CIO...

CIO leadership fundamentals part 2: Relationships do matter

Gone are the days of the CIO being able to do it on their own or being able to snap their fingers to get what they want when they need it

CIOs should apply this illustrator’s old but brilliant blog post on reshaping work environments

It was first published in 2011, but Frank Chimero's thoughts on minimalism vs 'maximalism' could be used to think about IT investments as much as it works for office furniture

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