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Firms jockey for WS edge

A battle between software vendors for control of Web services standards could undermine the enterprise

DEVWORKS: Web services spec not ready for standardization

A specification for Web services choreography and business processes introduced by Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp., and BEA Systems Inc. last August remains under its founders' jurisdiction, despite repeated assurances of its pending submission to an industry standards organization.

Dev Bytes

BEA Systems Inc. kicked off eWorld, its annual customer conference, with a beta release of WebLogic Workshop...

Sun trumpets royalty-free Web services specs

Royalty-free industry specifications are needed to enable Web services to fulfill its potential as a mechanism for business process integration on a massive scale, Sun Microsystems Inc. officials stressed on Thursday.

UPDATE: Sun, Oracle, Fujitsu to push Web services reliability spec

Setting the stage for another potential battle over Web services standardization, Sun Microsystems Inc., Fujitsu Ltd., and Oracle Corp. on Jan. 14 plan to announce a specification for Web services reliability without participation from rivals IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp.

Web services choreography standard 18-24 months away

Standardization of Web services choreography, which will enable development of complex Web services for business, is 18 months to two years away, said a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) official Wednesday while the W3C met to take up the issue.

Web services could become the new middleware

The future of Web services in the enterprise lies not in hit-and-run applications such as stock quotes and weather updates.

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