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Are you following these five best practices to protect your data?

The ransomware attackers aren’t just after your data. They want your data backup too.  Organizations need to be prepared because the technologies around these...

Boosting productivity and protection

Institutions of learning harbour the brightest and best, but also potentially dangerous minds. That's why laying out network security for schools can be a challenge, as one school district in British Columbia discovered.

And they decided…

Voting at the Lac Carling Congress suggested that participants are in a mood to move from theoretical framework to practical solutions.

Australian ISPs targeted in spyware fight

A private members bill has been introduced to the Australian parliament to combat spyware with hefty fines proposed on Internet service providers for distributing malicious code. Australian Democrats Senator Brian Greig said the key issue is not in prohibiting spyware but the authorization for it to be downloaded onto a user's machine.

Guarding the grid

Deploying a grid infrastructure can help companies dramatically improve hardware utilization rates and boost computing power. But the massive resource aggregation and wider end-user access enabled by grids also have the potential to magnify security risks, implementers say.

NZ hacking law leaves insider hole

A loophole in new legislation that would let malicious hackers employed by an organization go free, has some in the industry worried.

Obstacles, complacency threaten homeland security push

Improvements in IT interoperability and information-sharing at the federal level have reportedly foiled several recent terrorist plots. But policy barriers, turf wars and a growing sense of complacency in the private sector threaten to slow homeland security progress, officials said Monday.

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