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Hashtag Trending Jun.26-TikTok admits to storing U.S. data in China; Meta to restrict news to Canadians; Musk vs. Zuckerberg cage match

TikTok finally admits to storing US data in China, Meta says it will restrict news to Canadian users of Facebook and Instagram and just...

Meta promises not to make the same mistakes in Canada it did in Australia

Yesterday, Meta promised to not make the same mistakes in Canada that it made in Australia, after the Canadian Heritage committee members questioned whether...

Melbourne scores globally as Intelligent Community of the Year

The winner of this year's most intelligent community is revealed, and a call for affordable broadband to be made a higher priority.

Australian state police change A-V gear purchases

Rather than buy audio-visual equipment locally, the department will negotiate state-wide deals with suppliers in hopes of saving money

Deal to split Australia’s telco OK’d by shareholders

Structural separation of Telstra's wholesale and retail networks moves a step closer. But the competion commission still has the final say

Technology News Gallery: Week of April 2, 2012

Dell stops selling smartphonesIn the US, Dell used to sell smartphones and smartphone plans but no more. No more can you buy handsets -...

Aussie telcos hit with record complaints

More than 102,000 people protested about service last year, and this year even more are expected to complain. Ironically, most of the break downs between providers and their customers involve lack of communications

Stream computing helps monitor sick infants

Life-threatening conditions, like infection, can be detected up to 24 hours in advance in premature infants by observing subtle physiological changes. How IBM and UOIT researchers are helping

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