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What is enterprise architecture?

A new landmark paper from the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO) has found, quoting Michael Porter's research, that more than 80 per cent...

What CIOs can look for in an enterprise architect

Matson Navigation established an enterprise architecture group in 2004. One of its biggest contributions to date has been to spread respect for the company's architecture and applications standards

Why mergers require an activist CIO

This industry has been acquisition-focused for years, including during the upheavals of the past few months. But in many cases, such transactions occur in name only. The companies involved may change the signage and the stationery, but they don

Australian police calls for more IT support

In a sign Canberra's skills shortage may be far from over, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) will establish a fresh panel of approved service providers to meet its ICT service requirements and augment its in-house staff.

The architect as chief technology negotiator

Enterprise architects are often frustrated people because they frequently face disagreements. Research indicates that the best enterprise architects are successful negotiators. The good news is that this critical skill can be readily learned and developed.

IBM looks to boost Java apps analysis

IBM Corp. on Monday will preview technology for structural analysis of Java application development projects.

Sun readies dev tools suite and UDDI package

Sun Microsystems Inc. next week will unveil the Sun ONE (Open Net Environment) Developer Platform, a set of tools and software servers intended to provide IT shops with integration across the life cycle of development.

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