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Avast antivirus allegedly sold identifiable personal information to third parties

Avast's free antivirus comes at the cost of user privacy.

Addressing Advanced Email Threats: Protect Your Data and Brand

Each day, more than 100 billion corporate email messages are exchanged. Security has naturally become a top priority, but mass spam campaigns are no...

Addressing Advanced Email Threats: Protect Your Data and Brand

Inbound threats are becoming more organized, more personal, and more pervasive. Meanwhile, the potential for outbound leakage is great, with devastating consequences to your...

Bit9 swallows Carbon Black, offers threat detection and response

Company will carry the Bit9 name and offer endpoint, server and incident response solutions

Free vs. Fee: Free and Paid Antivirus Programs Compared

Can free antivirus software protect you? Or is it worth paying for a full-blown A/V app? We look at the benefits--and pitfalls--of free and paid antivirus products.

Sophos delights Mac users with free antivirus

Users will also get indefinite signature file updates as new Mac malware is discovered, and will not be pestered to upgrade to a "full" product

New attack said to sidestep security software

The argument switch attack, which Matousec tested on Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Vista Service Pack 1, lets attackers swap in malicious code after security software gives a green light. But McAfee Inc. researchers doubt it is likely to be widespread

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