Bit9 swallows Carbon Black, offers threat detection and response


With security increasingly on the minds of enterprises, two smaller companies have merged in hopes of becoming a bigger name in IT protection.

Bit9 Inc., which makes endpoint and server threat detection solutions that don’t rely on antivirus signatures, has merged with Carbon Black, which makes incident recording solution and visibility solutions. The partners say they have created a company that protects and detects advanced threats on endpoints and servers as well as offices incident response.

The new company will be known as Bit9.

In a release they said they are highly complementary and “together will bring enterprise customers a level of security they cannot get from any other vendor.”

“Every enterprise endpoint and server is a defenceless blind spot for advanced threats,”  Patrick Morley, Bit9 CEO said in a statement. “Traditional defences such as antivirus can’t detect or stop stealthy attacks orchestrated by malicious actors, or help companies respond to incidents, which has been painfully underlined by the recent high-profile intrusions into leading retailers. The combination of Bit9 and Carbon Black satisfies all of these needs.

“Because Carbon Black’s lightweight endpoint sensor can be rapidly deployed with no configuration, organizations can now have continuous surveillance of all of their computers. And they can stop advanced threats by using Bit9’s signature-less prevention technology, which can be customized to meet the needs of different users and systems.”

Carbon Black says it provides continuous, real-time visibility into endpoints and servers and records everything it sees. This enables security teams to instantly know what is happening on any computer as well as “roll back the tape” to trace the entire history of an attack, the company says.

The solution is able to analyze large amounts of data, the company says, providing an instantly searchable history of all data across every machine.

Carbon Black CEO Mike Viscuso will assume the new position of chief strategy officer, reporting to Patrick Morley.

Details of how the companies will integrate their solutions have yet to be announced.

Bit9’s partners in Canada are managed service provider SentryMetrics of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver; and SecureSense Solutions of Burlington, Ont.


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