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Hashtag Trending – Alexa comes to Canada, Anonymous targets Nazis, Forever 21 looks into data breach report

Amazon Alexa comes to Canada, Anonymous strikes again, and Forever 21 may be the latest data breach victim.

Ottawa Police Service CIO offers a post-mortem on Web site-crippling DDoS attack

Daniel Steeves appears in a CATA video program where he sheds light on a hacking incident that involved the organization's ISP and its registrar

Technology News Gallery: Week of March 19, 2012

Toshiba's new super-fast SD memory cardsToshiba has announced plans to produce a new line of SD memory cards - the same ones that many...

Anatomy of an Anonymous attack

A maker of security solutions says it has created an outline of how the Anonymous group attacks its victims that may help organizations

Australian parliament Web site attacked

The Australian Parliament's Web site was hit by an apparent denial-of-service attack Wednesday, two days after the hacking group Anonymous threatened attacks over the government's plan to filter Web content.

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