Amazon Alexa comes to Canada, Anonymous strikes again, and Forever 21 may be the latest data breach victim.

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On Google Trends – Amazon’s Alexa is coming to Canada. It’s been in the rumour mill for months, but on Wednesday Amazon confirmed its voice-activated assistant is coming north of the border. Canadians can now pre-order three different pieces of Amazon hardware. There’s the original Echo, the Echo Plus, and the Echo Dot. Still not available in Canada is the Echo Show – that’s the one with the screen, and the Echo Look – the camera that judges your fashion choices. Amazon has some special promotional pricing on for its Canada pre-orders. It will ship its devices Dec. 5.

Anonymous hackers take down over a dozen neo-Nazi sites in new wave of attacks. from technology

From Reddit, in the ongoing battle of hackers vs. Nazis, score one for the hackers. Hacker group Anonymous is taking credit for taking down more than a dozen neo-Nazi websites. It says the attack is in response to recent events in the United States, including the Charlottesville protest and a “White Lives Matter” rally. Anonymous says it has more planned to target those that organized the rallies.

And neo-nazis aren’t the only ones getting hacked. Trending on LinkedIn, teen retailer Forever 21 may have suffered a data breach. Investigators are looking into a report that credit card information from in-store purchases has been exposed. The breach would affect purchases made from March through October of this year. But the affected stores and exact timeline is still unknown at this time.

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