Articles Related to Active Directory

New approaches to enterprise architecture required

With the COVID-19 crisis ongoing, cybersecurity teams are working hard to adapt to a rapidly evolving security landscape. Although more Canadians are coming back...

Five reasons why IT administrators believe their Windows environment might be at risk

ManageEngine's global survey found that 70 per cent IT administrators worldwide says their Microsoft Windows environments are at risk of malicious attacks -- and they are looking for improved visibility around configurations, settings and standards

Seven solutions to help secure Active Directory

These applications will help CISOs ensure Active Directory is less exposed to vulnerabilities

Windows to Go: A good way to evaluate Windows 10?

Interest in Windows 10 is running high, but CIOs are naturally worried about compatibility issues and bugs in a newly-released system. Could Microsoft's Windows to Go feature help?

Microsoft previews Active Directory threat analytics solution

Software acquired through acquisition watches for suspicious behaviour from users with credentials

CAA Saskatchewan shifts to single-sign on access system

The old access control system was slowing down operations and preventing upgrades

Microsoft to use machine learning to secure Active Directory

Buys security firm Aorato, which earlier warned users of Active Directory encryption vulnerability

Microsoft reveals ambitious security strategy

The company plans to integrate all of its business security and identity products under the Forefront brand. A Gartner analyst says it may prove imposible to manage it all in one application

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