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Protect your customers and grow your business with Zero Trust

Organizations that go Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) have effectively moved on from the standard security approach of placing IT systems behind a (supposedly)...

It’s time to get serious about identity and access management

The appearance of billions of new endpoint devices has brought with it billions of new potential security problems. This has made manual identity and...

IBM API Management Solution Version 2.0 Design, manage, socialize and better-secure your APIs

Discover how this IBM solution enables the four most significant entities in the API economy: API product managers, API providers, IT operations and application...

The Value of Converged Infrastructure – Solutions for the Business-Defined Economy

This white paper looks at the critical core competencies of converged infrastructures which are necessary to achieve desired business outcomes.

Google, China Play Game of Cat and Mouse

Google's end run around censorship rules draws a subdued response from China.

CA to add ID management to tools

CA is expected to announce additions to its enterprise identity management product that will allow customers to extend access and provisioning controls to the Sales Cloud 2 app

IP-based satellite service aimed at remote users

Another attempt is being made to connect even the most remote and isolated areas to the rest of the world via broadband Internet access.

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