..and so are sales staff

67 per cent of sales persons surveyed aren’t satisfied with the level of business information they get. Some 40 per cent of them also feel it “always” or “often” takes too long to get information, more than any other group in the survey.

Where’s the intelligence in BI?

There’s rarely a shortage of information in organizations. The problem is getting it processed and into the right hands. Recently Domo Inc., a cloud analytics provider, surveyed just over 1,000 business leaders about how they use corporate information. Do their findings correlate with what you see?

Answers are too slow

62 per cent of all respondents said they are unable to access the information they need fast enough. What’s more, 83 per cent believe the business information they get does a poor job of answering their questions.

Can’t trusts what they see

Only 17 per cent felt the data they receive regularly answers their questions satisfactorily. Only one-third trust the business information “often” or “all the time.”

Tablet vs laptop

When asked what mobile devices they prefer for viewing business data, 25 per cent of CxOs said a tablet. while 30 per cent chose a laptop. On the other hand, only 16 per cent of non C-level respondents want to see BI data on a tablet, versus 42 per cent preferring a laptop.

Marketers are impatient …

A slim majority of marketing professionals in the group think their access to business data is too slow, compared to 35 per cent of non-marketers surveyed.

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