When you can’t differentiate

Standing out in a crowd can be difficult. Especially when the crowd is as large as Lydia Dishman of CBS News tells us

Um … all the time?

Your not going to expect kudos from an anti-Facebook site, but there’s a legitimate message: If you get the wrong kind of follower, your reputation can suffer.

When you shouldn’t be there in the first place

Some businesses belong on Facebook. Others, not so much, according to Mark Shaeffer at BusinessGrow.com.

When there’s no ROI

It takes minutes to create a Facebook profile or fan page, and the rest of your life to maintain it. Ask yourself if it’s worth the time invested, according to the folks at online marketing firm Fiddler Studios

When it’s all about sales

You want to interrupt people’s personal time with a sales message, become a telemarketer. Social media’s about more than that, says Melonie Dodaro of Top Dog Social Media.

When you’ve lost perspective

Let’s face it, Facebook status updates are frequent composed of the banal minutiae of one’s life. Chris Portera’s advice is aimed at the user, but businesses should heed it, too.

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