This summer’s gonna hurt like a . . . ‘ (Maroon 5)

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When you’re knee-deep in help desk tickets, this tune comes with a curse word that you can sing along to, as well as a beat that may help keep you moving through the list.

‘Cheerleader’ (OMI)

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Working in IT can involve long hours and occasionally lonely nights. If you’re fortunate enough to have a good partner in your life, it’s worth remembering they’re in your corner.

Fun‘ (Feat. Chris Brown) (Pitbull)

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The strange inclusion of “performing for Microsoft” here is a good reminder that everyone, everywhere, is somehow connected to the tech industry. Also, the background noises in the chorus sort of sound like a database doing some kind of analytical activity.

I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) (Jamie xx, Feat. Young Thug and Popcaan)

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When inevitable summer scheduling conflicts put projects behind and complaints start flying from every other line of business, just keep repeating, “I know there’s good times, there’s gonna be good times
There’s gonna be good times, there’s gonna be good…”

‘Emergency’ (Icona Pop)

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Because everyone who comes to the IT department thinks they’re having one, whether it’s really urgent or not.

‘Teach Me’ (Baskermat)

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Some might use the summer to provide some in-house training. Others may carve out some hours to pursue a new certification. Either way, this track could get you motivated to learn.

Lean On’ Major Lazer & DJ Snake ( (feat. MØ)

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Does any other song this summer capture the sense of teamwork and interdependency that’s core to a great IT department? The answer is no, even if the people involved in this tune probably wouldn’t know their ERP from their CRM.

‘King’ (Years and Years)

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A song about control and being subsequently emancipated, this is the anthem for IT managers who need to delegate and leave others in charge to start to “let go of everything.”

‘Watch Me’ (Silentó)

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Doing a little network performance monitoring? Keeping an eye out for hackers? There may be no better soundtrack (or dance along, if you have enough privacy in your office to do the “Stanky leg”).

The Night Is Still Young’ (Nicki Minaj’)

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And when you finally get to take your vacation, you now have your exit music.

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