The recent partnership between ServiceNow and Celonis involves more than just establishing a closer link between ServiceNow’s low-code platform and Celonis’ Execution Management System.

These include what Celonis can do for ServiceNow, what ServiceNow can do for Celonis, questions about market perspectives and also the cycle of insights into automation.

Based on what Celonis can do for ServiceNow, Celonis provides the ServiceNow platform with mature task and process mining capabilities that are faced with large scale and complex end-to-end business processes with a high degree of variability for their low-code platform market.

What ServiceNow can do for Celonis while Celonis has evolved and improved in areas such as mining and discovery, documentation, reengineering and the recent implementation by the Execution Management System, will be enhanced by the addition of ServiceNow through Celonis “recent partnership.

On the market perspective, two questions are asked, including whether ServiceNow competitors in the automation sector will shy away from partnering with Celonis, and the second question is why the partnership is a precursor to an acquisition.