Digital rights watchdog group Citizen Lab has warned the British government that electronic devices connected to government networks may already be infected with Israeli-made spying software.

The spy software, called Pegasus, is a product of Israeli cyberarms dealer NSO Group.

Citizen Lab said it believes the spyware targeting the prime minister’s office was run by NSO clients in the United Arab Emirates. The group further noted that the British foreign ministry hacking came from other countries such as Cyprus, Jordan and India.

An NSO spokesman denies the allegations, saying they are “false and cannot be related to NSO products for technological and contractual reasons.”

Cyprus, one of the accused countries, denied the allegations. Cyprus government spokesman Marios Pelekanos “categorically deny” any involvement in the matter.

“However, to avoid any further speculations on a Cyprus link, we note that the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, which enjoys excellent relations with the British Government in all fields, has never been approached with any sort of inquiry on the subject at large by the relevant British authorities,” Pelekanos said.