A survey of Chief Strategy Officers has identified some of the most important challenges associated with the use of advanced technologies.

Challenges include a lack of an explicit link between technology strategy and business strategy (42%), a lack of alignment with priority use cases and the way investment in advanced technology creates business value (34%).

Another key challenge is the lack of vision of how investments in advanced technologies will go beyond local proofs-of-concept (30%).

Monitor Deloitte’s report finds that 84% of chief strategy officers surveyed agree that advanced technologies such as intelligent automation, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual, augmented and mixed reality will be vital in taking a business to new heights.

The study found that CSOs believe they can exert the greatest influence on their organizations’ advanced technology strategies in some key areas.

These include explicitly linking technology and business strategy (84%), estimating and tracking value creation (67%), and defining priority use cases (64%).