Thousands of users were unable to access Spotify and Discord, according to the outage tracking site

The outage, which began on Tuesday, was associated with problems in the Google Cloud and was fixed by Google Cloud after a few hours.

According to Downdetector, more than 138,000 users reported problems with Spotify, while more than 65,000 had problems with Discord.

Both Spotify and Discord confirmed the outage on their status page, while reassuring users that the issue would be fixed.

According to The Verge, a case study published by Google Cloud showed that they too are customers, which explains the sudden problems for both services.

On its status page, Google Cloud mentioned a faulty update to the Traffic Director component that Discord cited.

“The issue with Traffic Director has been confirmed to be caused by a recent release; the release has been rolled back and customers can now start using Traffic Director. We have identified a probable root cause and will be publishing an Incident Report within the next several days,” said Google Cloud.