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Spotify launches AI voice translator for podcasts

Spotify is set to take podcasting to a new level with its new AI voice translation feature which allows listeners to enjoy podcasts in their native language, even if they were originally recorded in English.

Hashtag Trending Sep.27-Third party AI tools responsible for organizations’ AI-related failures?; iPhone 15 Pro overheating; Google kills Gmail’s Basic HTML view

Third-party AI tools account for 55 per cent of AI-related failures in companies, the newly launched iPhone 15 continues to irk users, Google kills...

Hashtag Trending March 8 – International Women’s Day

TELUS supports women’s mental health, new Capterra research reveals women feel less valued than men at work, and AWS Women of Inspiration Panel details...

Hashtag Trending Feb.16- GitHub delivers AI assisted coding, Salesforce takes a hit as Twitter downsizes and Bing’s AI gets angry

GitHub delivers AI assisted coding, Salesforce takes a hit as Twitter downsizes and Bing’s Artificial Intelligence engine gets angry.    It’s Thursday, February 16th. These stories...

Musk, Spotify, and Epic Games against Apple 30 per cent fees

Elon Musk has found allies in music streaming giant Spotify and Epic Games, creators of the popular online game Fortnite, who, like Musk, are fed up with Apple’s 30 per cent App Store fees.

Critical vulnerability discovered in Spotify Backstage platform

A vulnerability has been discovered in Spotify’s open-source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)-incubated project Backstage, that could allow threat actors to execute remote code execution (RCE).

Canada passes online streaming bill to promote local content

Canada passed legislation yesterday that would update the Broadcasting Act, bringing online streaming platforms under the stewardship of the country's broadcast regulator, as well...

Spotify Slows Hiring Plans By 25%

Spotify will cut hiring by 25 per cent. In an email to employees, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek told employees that the company will continue hiring but will slow down and be “a bit more prudent” in the next few quarters.

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