Dashlane recently unveiled its annual list of 2021’s Worst Password Offenders.

Platforms that made the list include SolarWinds, COMB, Verkada, RockYou2021, Facebook, Ticketmaster, Go Daddy/WordPress, ActMobile Networks, DailyQuiz.me, New York City Law Department.

Upon careful examination of the list, current and former SolarWind executives confirmed the use of a weak password. They accused an intern of using the completely insecure password “solarwinds123,” which was leaked online.

For COMB, many bitcoin users were locked out of their wallets because they could not remember their passwords.

In the case of Verkada, an international hacker was able to crack the company’s systems with a username and password found on the internet after which the attacker accessed the Verkada cameras.

In order to better protect their systems, some of the techniques that users can adopt include creating a culture of security, training staff to identify and report suspected security incidents and threats, adopting technologies, measuring the effectiveness of their program, and staying vigilant.