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Hashtag Trending Feb. 7-Google reveals AI projects, including a chatbot, surge in supply chain attacks and fake news on Twitter

Google jumps on the conversational AI frenzy, software supply chain attacks surge, and an Ohio study finds Reddit’s readers favour stories that are more accurate,...

SolarWinds to pay US$26 million over Orion compromise

Separately Experian reached a US$13.6 million settlement with US states suing it over two hacks

Admins urged to patch SolarWinds Serv-U against vulnerability

A researcher also discovered evidence the Mirai botnet may be going after Zyxel devices

Threat actors behind SolarWinds compromise are still active, warns Mandiant

Just over one year ago, researchers discovered that the update mechanism of SolarWinds' Orion network management platform had been compromised by what are believed...

Users of SolarWind’s Serv-U file transfer suites urged to install hotfix fast

Microsoft says it has found evidence of "limited, targeted customer impact" by an attacker using the vulnerability

Learn to protect your company from a new wave of identity breaches

We think of cyber attacks as occurring at a single moment in time, but the reality is that some can take months to detect....

Insights from Collision: Alex Stamos on cybersecurity

Professor Alex Stamos, the director of the Stanford Internet Observatory, began Collision 2021 with a question and answer session on developments in cybersecurity. Alex Stamos...

U.S. cyber agency releases tool to help SolarWinds Orion defenders

A new tool from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency launches to help find indicators of compromise

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