T-Mobile US announced that it is working with Apple to offer a mobile phone plan that will include a subsidized iPhones and a variety of paid services for small businesses.

The move will complement Apple’s Business Essentials efforts. Business Essentials is a paid service for businesses struggling to manage the fleet of iPhone and other Apple devices for their workers.

Benefits of the T-Mobile plan include covering the cost of an iPhone 13 for each employee in a company, bundling Business Essentials with T-Mobile’s wireless service, and providing a wireless service for as little as C$50 a month for businesses with six or more lines on the plan.

The plan will include Wi-Fi coverage on flights operated by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines with United Airlines set to be included later this year.

The T-Mobile plan also includes AppleCare +, Apple’s insurance program that covers repairs or replacement of damaged devices.

Based on the deal between the two companies, T-Mobile will handle all customer billing. However, they fail to give details on how much will go to Apple from the C$50 monthly fee charged by T-Mobile.

The sources for this piece include an article in Reuters.