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T-Mobile to charge customers $35 transaction fee for new activations and upgrades

T-Mobile says $35 activation fee will soon be applied to almost all device transactions.

Key partnerships announced at Google Cloud Next 2022

At Google Cloud Next, the company announced new partnerships forged over the growing adoption of cloud services across the globe and by businesses of...

SpaceX partners with T-Mobile to provide cellular service across the entire U.S.

SpaceX has partnered with T-Mobile in its first major step towards ending cellular dead zones, SpaceX chief-executive officer Elon Musk and T-Mobile CEO Mike...

Store owner access T-Mobile’s internal system to unlock phones

Argishti Khudaverdyan, a former T-Mobile store owner, was found guilty of running a $25 million scheme that allowed him to access T-Mobile’s internal systems to unlock mobile phones.

T-Mobile Agrees To Pay C$350 Million Settlement Fee

T-Mobile US has agreed to pay a $350 million settlement fee for a cyberattack in 2021 in which information from an estimated 76.6 million people was compromised. The preliminary settlement was filed in federal court in Kansas City, Missouri, and in addition to the $350 million, T-Mobile will spend an additional $150 million to improve […]

T-Mobile partners with Apple, launches mobile phone plan for small businesses

T-Mobile US announced that it is working with Apple to offer a mobile phone plan that will include a subsidized iPhones and a variety of paid services for small businesses. The move will complement Apple’s Business Essentials efforts. Business Essentials is a paid service for businesses struggling to manage the fleet of iPhone and other […]

T-Mobile Accused Of Selling Customers’ App Usage Data

According to AdExchanger, T-Mobile has started selling its customers’ app usage data to third-party advertisers.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Offers Juicy Benefits For Subscribers

T-Mobile has released several new updates to make its 5G Home Internet service more tempting for customers. New upgrades include a free 15-day 5G Home Internet trial, free cancellation of your broadband connection up to $500, a $50/month price lock for life (for both Home and Business plans), and $30/month for existing Magenta Max subscribers. […]

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