Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has said the company is working to add advisory warnings to any podcast on its platform that has anything to do with COVID-19.

This also complements the company’s long-standing “Platform Rules” which help provide guidelines for creators where content is unacceptable.

Under the rules, creators should avoid content that “promotes dangerous false or dangerous deceptive medical information that may cause offline harm or poses a direct threat to public health.”

Content that will be flagged includes those that deny the authenticity of COVID-19 and those that encourage people to intentionally infect themselves with coronavirus in order to build up immunity.

Content that violates these rules could be removed, and a continued violation could result in the account being deleted.

The move to better protect the platform from misinformation came after Spotify’s most popular podcaster, Joe Rogan, advised against vaccinating young people and promoted the use of the unproven anti-parasitic drug ivermectin to treat the virus.