Reuters is reporting unprecedented cyberattacks targeting the Russian government websites and Russian organizations.

The Russian digital ministry however confirmed that it is gearing up technical efforts that will help filter foreign web traffic.

“If previously their power at peak moments reached 500 gigabytes, then now it is at 1 terabyte. That is two to three times more powerful than the most serious incidents of this kind that have been previously reported,” the Ministry disclosed.

Cyberattackers are targeting Russian organizations and government institutions. This is in reaction to Russia’s military activities in Ukraine.

Websites of the Kremlin, flagship carrier Aeroflot, major lender Sberbank, and others have all suffered cyberattacks in recent weeks.

Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, the country has continued to face numerous sanctions from organizations and countries around the world.

Financial organizations have also stopped operations in Russia as the country gets isolated from the rest of the world.

With Russia failing to heed calls to stop the war in Ukraine, the country may end up facing more sanctions with more companies set to leave in the coming weeks.