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Russian threat actor expanding its target list, warns Five Eyes report

APT29 is increasingly going after cloud services in more sectors

SpaceX’s Starlink is used by Russian military against Ukraine

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite technology, initially hailed as a lifeline for Ukraine amidst conflict, has found an unexpected user: Russian forces within Ukraine.

Russian threat group spreading backdoor through phishing, says Google

The group known as ColdRiver goes after military and government officials

Hashtag Trending Nov.28- Files disappear from Google Drive; Meta’s spokesperson on Russia’s wanted list; Japanese tech startups woo employees back into the office with...

Files vanishing off Google Drive, Russia adds Meta’s spokesperson to its wanted list, self-driving cars and their struggle for public acceptance, and Japanese startups...

Russia intensifies efforts to control internet

In the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Kremlin has been intensifying its efforts to assert control over the internet within its borders.

New Russian Android malware targets Ukraine’s military devices: Report

Russia's Sandworm attack group has created a new toolkit for compromising Android devices, says a report released today by the Five Eyes intelligence co-operative...

Russia fines Reddit, Wikipedia for Ukraine war content

Russia fined social media site Reddit and the Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia, for failing to delete content that the Russian government considers to be “fake” about its military campaign in Ukraine.

Russians try to exploit sale of a BMW 5 to hack diplomats in Ukraine: Report

Russia spotted a Polish diplomat's offer to sell his car and sent an infected document of their own

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