U.S. law enforcement authorities have seized the domain of the RaidForums hacker forum. The seized domains are: “RaidForums.com,” “Rf.ws,” and “Raid.Lol.”

The operation, codenamed TOURNIQUET, was coordinated by Europol in cooperation with law enforcement authorities in other countries. The operation resulted in the arrest of RaidForum’s administrator and two accomplices.

The founder of RaidForums, Diogo Santos Coelho, was arrested in the UK in January and is facing criminal charges. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Coelho is 21 years old and since RaidForums began in 2015, this means that Coelho founded the platform at the age of just 14.

The RaidForums hacker forum is used to trade and sell stolen databases. According to the Department of Justice, the marketplace offered for sale more than 10 billion unique records from hundreds of stolen databases that relate to US residents.

Europol said RaidForums has more than 500,000 users and “was considered one of the world’s biggest hacking forums.”